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My Journey through Self-Confidence

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Hello Beauties!

This blog will be a little different than what I tend to write about, which is a little nerve wracking. However, I'm grateful that I am able to share my story with others.

One of the reasons why Ella's Eve Cosmetics was founded was to help others find their inner confidence and that feeling of empowerment. Today, I woke up wanting to share with you guys my own journey in finding self-confidence.

I have always been an introverted person. Having such type of personality can make you struggle with the term confidence. You tend to always gravitate towards your own small circle of friends, you avoid being the center of attention, speaking up for yourself at times can be hard, you tend to get bothered by what other people might think of you, etc. Those were all things that I struggled with as an introvert.

What I have learned from being an introverted person is that by making small changes you gain more confidence. Your life experiences shape you into a better you and you start to notice that you are capable of doing amazing things. You also realize that the only obstacle that's stopping you from pursuing your goals and dreams it's you and no one else.

It was not until I was in my late 20's that I started to make small changes. My experiences in college, my experiences in the professional world and also my experiences in relationships have definitely shaped me into who I am now. The thing about life and growing up is that we all have a path that we were destined to experience and follow. Each of these paths are different and unique to all of us. I am very very thankful that I have experienced every single thing that I had in my life. Even the horrible, the bad and the embarrassing moments because I was supposed to go through that so that I could grow.

I learned to take risks and to put myself out there more to be able to seek new experiences and better opportunities. I learned to not care about what other people might think about me because I know who I am and what I'm worth. I learned to not be so trusting all the time because not everyone has the best intentions towards you. I learned that kindness is something that I will always practice because it's within me. The most important thing that I have learned though, is to be kind to YOURSELF. To love yourself the same way you would love another person.

I am now 35 and I absolutely love who I am. I would never change me for anyone else or pretend to be someone I'm not. I love that I am silly and goofy, I love that I still dance in my room while listening to loud music as if I was still a teenager, I love that I can still be a kid sometimes, I love

Now I know what you guys are probably thinking..."c' can't be that happy go lucky and super confident like you say you are". Well no, is not always like that. I will confess that once in a while I go through times where I feel down, but I always find a way to pick myself up because this IS a journey. Your journey through self-confidence is never ending and you will not always be 100%, but you will definitely find a way to pick yourself up and remind yourself that you are loved and you are worthy.

I hope that my story resonated with you in some way and that you never ever doubt who you are.

Until next blog!

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