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Perfect Lipstick Shades to Seal the Deal!

I don't know about you but when it comes to makeup, lipstick is the final touch that actually completes the look I'm trying to achieve. As I was getting ready for a business meeting, I was looking at my options for shades and realized that my final decision was based on what I wanted to portray while presenting myself. And that's when my little light bulb went off and I thought....... BLOG POST! :)

Here are the perfect shades that will help you seal the deal while out on business or a first date:

1. Business

picture of singer rihanna with pink mauve lips

picture of actress rooney with dark mauve lips

Whether you are about to command a boardroom, interview for a job or attend a business meeting, shades in the mid tones and mauves are the way to go. They indicate you are to be taken seriously and know what you want to achieve. You might think that bolder colors are the ones that indicate this, but there is a lot of power in wearing subtle shades.

2. First Date

Picture of actress Penelope Cruz with red lips

picture of actress/singer jennifer lopez with soft pink lips

Meeting a potential life partner for the first time and getting to know them while having fun is always exciting! Don't be afraid to cover your gorgeous lips with a red shade or a soft blush pink. These indicate you are confident and passionate person. They also show you are fun and excited to see where things can go! 

I hope my little insight will help you in landing that new job or a second date while rocking your confidence!

Until next blog :)

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