• Melissa

|FEATURE| We were featured on HIP LATINA!

Updated: Mar 12

OMG you guys! We were featured along with 9 other Latina owned business on a HIP LATINA article!

I'm so grateful and thankful we were on this list and it means the world to me. We are a small makeup brand with limited resources, so we wear many many hats to be able to run this brand as smooth as possible. Hiccups happen here and there, and we continue to learn about what it takes to run a business and a makeup brand.

This is an example that hard work definitely pays off! I just wanted to also remind everyone that never ever give up on your dreams and passion. If you have goals, then pursue them and don't be your own roadblock because the worst thing you can do to yourself is ask...'what if?'

Thank you for your continued love and support!


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